Why sitting is a dangerous health threat

It is dangerous to watch Television or work at computer for long hours. It can cause gain in weight. In a medical research done in Canada, it is shown that risks of diseases like weight gain and diabetes type 2 are increasing because of little movements.

People who sit on computers and TVs and walk less are more exposed to these diseases. Experts have told that youth are developing habit of sitting on TVs to entertain themselves for many hours constantly. Similarly, young generation spends long hours sitting on computer. This is making youth inactive resulting in more threats of diseases in future.

Research shows that youth and old are equally affected by sitting on TVs or computers. When someone sits for long hours, the arteries of a 30 years old person become hard. As a result, there is a risk of high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. Hard arteries are considered as a symbol of cardiovascular and heart attack.

American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children should watch T.V only for two hours in a day. Exercise or physical activities cannot improve the losses of inactiveness. Its best solution is to remain active, so it is necessary to delimit the sitting time on computer or TV.

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