Smartphones have become a lot popular in just a time frame of few years. The community around has developed with the smartphones to a much greater extent. Almost everything has integrated with this handy device and smart phones have become more than a need!

Seems so unrealistic? We wonder there’d be a day when you’ll become a smartphone too!

Well, you can always get more out of an electronic device that comes out in the market. How?

There are certain products in the markets that add value to your device. Thus you are able to get the most out of it! But such added value products are do not become a permanent part of your smartphone; and that’s the beauty of it. In today’s article, we are going to enlist Top 5 ‘essential’ accessories for your smart phones.

So Read on!

1. Screen Protector

Too obvious? Yes, a lot! Screen Protectors are like an integral part for your smartphone protection. Although, every company boasts of making scratch, and shock resistant smartphones, but having a screen protector on keeps us at ease! Glass Screen protectors provide further durability, and protection to the screen. Why necessary? The screen covers 20-30% of your smartphone’s price.

2. Protective Case

As much as you do not like to have a dent on your car, or motorbike; you won’t like to have a dent on your smartphone, Will ya?

Many of the smartphone in the market today are made up of aluminium. They are ‘somewhat’ scratch resistant, but wait… DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES!

These aluminium structured smartphones hit the floor, and floor’s kiss makes a mark on the smartphone’s shiny body. The solution? Array, Please Use A Protective Case!

Okay now… Enough of the obsolete accessories that you already know about! What’s new in the market? Read Below!

3. Power Banks

The wind’s blowing, a man running on the sand towards the other end… Away from the woman behind holding a gun… and suddenly… Your battery dies. Aww Crap! You’re stuck now! You’re sitting probably at a clinic and there’s NO PLACE TO CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE! Feels like now you have entered the stone-age, and there’s nothing to do instead of reading those weird papers placed on the table at the centre of the clinic.

But Wait… Let’s see what happens if you have a Power bank. Your smartphone’s battery survives! Yes! Now you can continue seeing the man getting hit by the bullet, Phew.

So Power Banks are a big help to charge your device on the go.

4. Virtual Reality Glasses (VR)

Virtual Reality has become another added facility for any smartphone. You can now see, and play many POV videos, and games that will take you to experience the real life. You will be able to feel every experience, therefore, closer to reality.

5. Universal Clip Lens

One of the most amazing accessory for a smartphone deal with its camera. The quality of the pictures you take. This clip lens is explicitly a clip that gets attached to the rear camera of any smartphone. Boasted of taking detailed in-depth pictures? Now you can actually do that!

Well this completes our list of top 5 essential accessories for your smartphone. Starting from the necessary to the geeky, and then the accessories to make you look cool.

If you have any comments, or you have come across a better accessory than listed here then….

LOL… let us know in the comments below! Peace out.