Contribution of Smart Phones in E-commerce Industry

Have you ever realized the presence of a gadget that has reduced your burden to carry a bundle of things? Have you ever imagined that this small device known as Smartphone present in your pocket has blessed you with numerous benefits?

Now you do not need to carry a watch, camera, calculator, dictionary, or even a laptop with you. Smartphones have completely revolutionized the technological world and have induced a new spirit in the current generation. It has sprinkled the new spark in day to day transactions transforming the entire usage of cellphones. In traditional settings phones were solely used to stay connected with your loved ones. However technology has swirled the entire outlook of Smartphones. Addition of various innovative features has modified and expanded the usability of Smartphones. Let’s take a look at its progression:

Smartphones and E-commerce

E-commerce is an interactive branch of trading entangled in the bunch of online networking where you can avail the chance to trade online. Smartphones have even penetrated to make this dimension an innovation. Now e-commerce has emerged as the new means of buying and selling via internet and Smartphones have facilitated this segment to a great extent.

Initially these two dimensions were working in isolation but fusion of both these facets has generated miracles. Yes, now with the feasibility of many applications, you can access various facilities just through your cellphone. Smartphones have enhanced the accessibility of different apps and has served as the best platform for user friendly environment. There is a different app for each website from where you can download or browse anything that you desire.

A Look Back At Online Trends and E-Commerce

Reviewing the trends over the decade, it safely reveals that online interactions are gaining pace rapidly. A prediction by renowned analyst in America revealed that by the year 2020, Smartphones and other electronic devices will accumulate for more than 75% of global online transactions and more than 50% of the spending would be through e-commerce. Zulily which is a renowned E-commerce firm in America generated 45% of its North American orders through mobile devices in 2014 as compared to just 31% the prior year.Moreover, the world’s renowned online marketplace also revealed the statistics lately this year that there was an average of 40% increase in mobile-commerce transactions during 2014 as compared to that of 2013.

Relying on the trends it can be safely forecasted that facility devices such as Smartphones are highly desirable and innovative gadget in nurturing the inclination of consumers towards e-commerce

What Smart Phones Offer As Facility?

Smartphones offer a wide range of apps and downloading sites where you can easily browse and access information. Usage of Smartphones is not limited to just a few tasks. Now every organization has its own application for smart phones. Google Play Store operates as the megaapp storefor the Android system, permitting consumers to browse and download any application of their interest. IOS has its own set of apps to avail this opportunity. To promote ones business, Apps have become a perquisite. Every online firm requires a mobile supported application from where consumers can easily access their site and make transactions.

Smartphones have reshaped the entire usage of phones and have penetrated in Commerce to bestow its users with magical features which were once just a dream.

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